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10 Mar 2020 20:54 #8029 by Sophie Pelland
3D shading tool was created by Sophie Pelland

I was wondering if the 3d shading tool from SAM is available open source and, if so, under what name? (More generally, is there a reference document listing all the models available in SSC?)

If not, are the equations used available elsewhere?

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13 Mar 2020 17:45 #8039 by Paul Gilman
Replied by Paul Gilman on topic 3D shading tool
Hi Sophie,

SAM's 3D Shade Calculator is part of the SAM project. The source code files are named s3[...].cpp like s3engine.cpp, s3objects, etc. in the src folder:


It is distributed as part of SAM, not as a standalone project.

The best way to explore all of the available models in SSC is to use SDKtool as described on the SDK page. With SDK you can see a list of all of the modules, show the inputs and outputs of each module, and write scripts to run the modules:


You can also browse the list of files in the ssc folder of the SSC project -- compute module names are preceded by "cmod_". For example, the pvsamv1 module (Detailed Photovoltaic Model in the SAM user interface) code is in cmod_pvsamv1.cpp:


Best regards,

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