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10 Mar 2020 20:54 #8029 by sophie.pelland@canada.ca
3D shading tool was created by sophie.pelland@canada.ca

I was wondering if the 3d shading tool from SAM is available open source and, if so, under what name? (More generally, is there a reference document listing all the models available in SSC?)

If not, are the equations used available elsewhere?

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13 Mar 2020 17:45 #8039 by pgilman
Replied by pgilman on topic 3D shading tool
Hi Sophie,

SAM's 3D Shade Calculator is part of the SAM project. The source code files are named s3[...].cpp like s3engine.cpp, s3objects, etc. in the src folder:


It is distributed as part of SAM, not as a standalone project.

The best way to explore all of the available models in SSC is to use SDKtool as described on the SDK page. With SDK you can see a list of all of the modules, show the inputs and outputs of each module, and write scripts to run the modules:


You can also browse the list of files in the ssc folder of the SSC project -- compute module names are preceded by "cmod_". For example, the pvsamv1 module (Detailed Photovoltaic Model in the SAM user interface) code is in cmod_pvsamv1.cpp:


Best regards,

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