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After doing a major change to our infrastructure, we have found a minor issue that we have corrected but will need to reboot the web site for it to take affect.

To make it as convenient as possible, we have scheduled it for Monday, May 23rd at 4:00pm (mountain). The process takes 15-20 minutes, but the site will only be unavailable for a short time. However, your session information will be lost (eg if you're writing a post, what you have written could be lost). 

The Merchant Plant model is similar to the PPA Single Owner model described above, except that power generated by the system is sold at market prices that can vary on an hourly (or subhourly), daily, or monthly basis over the project life. Revenue can be from energy production, ancillary services and capacity payments, or a combination of the three.

Forecast pricing data to use with SAM's Merchant Plant model is available from NREL's Cambium databases.

Merchant Plant Financial Model with Cambium API Integration for Fall 2021