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Battery Updates for SAM 2021.12.02

This video describes new battery features for SAM 2021.12.02, including:

  • A brief introduction to the battery model
  • Reorganized user interface
  • Levelized cost of storage (LCOS) metric
  • New dispatch algorithms
  • Battery life models

Supporting materials:

Modeling Battery Systems in SAM 2020.2.29: Front-of-Meter Systems

Supporting materials:

Modeling Battery Systems in SAM 2020.2.29: Behind-the-Meter Systems

Supporting materials:

Modeling Battery Systems in SAM 2020.2.29: Focus on Technology

Supporting materials:

How-to Videos

A quick video showing how to size a PV-plus-battery system in SAM:

Modeling Photovoltaic Battery Systems in SAM 2017.1.17

Nicholas Diorio describes and demonstrates the new battery model features in SAM 2017.1.17. These include:

  • DC-connected batteries
  • PV-battery systems with PPA financial models for utility-scale systems
  • Simple battery model for PVWatts
  • Improvements to automated dispatch algorithm

For an introduction to SAM's PV-battery model, see "Modeling a photovoltaic battery system in SAM 2016.3.14" below.

Supporting materials:

Modeling a Photovoltaic Battery System in SAM 2016.3.14

Nicholas DiOrio builds on the Modeling a Residential Photovoltaic System in SAM 2016.3.14 webinar by continuing the demonstration and adding a battery storage system to the residential photovoltaic system. We will cover battery design parameters, dispatch options, and analyzing battery results.

Supporting materials:

Battery Storage for Photovoltaic Systems, Sep 2015

Nicholas DiOrio describes the battery storage model that is part of SAM's detailed photovoltaic model on September 17, 2015.

Supporting materials:

Photovoltaic Battery Model Beta Version Introduction, Jun 2015

NREL's Nicholas DiOrio introduces a pre-release Beta version of SAM's new battery model for photovoltaic systems. For a more up-to-date presentation of the model, see Battery Storage for Photovoltaic Systems, Sep 2015 above.