SAM includes several features for analysis that involves comparing scenarios, optimizing input parameters, or more sophisticated parametric and statistical analyses.

The following series of short videos demonstrate how to use these features. They were made in an older version of SAM so the user interface looks slightly different than it does now, and the steps are the same or similar as in the current version.

Overview of Parametric and Statistical Analysis and Compare cases

Dobos, A. P.; Gilman, P.; Kasberg, M. (2012). P50/P90 Analysis for Solar Energy Systems Using the System Advisor Model: Preprint. 8 pp.; NREL Report No. CP-6A20-54488. (PDF 372 KB)


Use Inputs Browser to Compare Cases

Parametric simulations

General Parametric Simulations

Parametric Simulations for a Collection of Weather Files

P50/P90 Simulations

Stochastic Simulations

Create a Tornado Chart Macro