Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) Models

SAM includes models for the following kinds of CSP systems: Parabolic trough, molten salt and direct steam power towers, molten salt and direct steam linear Fresnel, dish Stirling, a generic CSP model, integrated solar combined cycle. References for the solar process heat models are listed separately below.

Kesseli, D.; Wagner, M.; Guédez, R.; Turchi, C. (2018). CSP-Plant Modeling Guidelines and Compliance of the System Advisor Model (SAM).DRAFT SolarPACES Conference Paper. ( PDF 300 KB)

Empirical Trough (Based on Excelergy)

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Physical Trough Model

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Dish Stirling

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Power Tower

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Linear Fresnel

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Generic Solar System Model

Wagner, M. J.; Zhu, G. (2011). Generic CSP Performance Model for NREL's System Advisor Model: Preprint. 10 pp. NREL Report No. CP-5500-52473. ( PDF 729 KB)

Integrated Solar Combined Cycle

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CSP Power Cycle Models

Neises, T.; Boyd, M. (DRAFT 2018). Description of SAM's CSP User-defined Power Cycle Model. (PDF 279 KB) The user-defined power cycle option is available as part of the physical trough, molten salt power tower, and molten salt linear Fresnel CSP models in SAM.

Neises, T.; Turchi, C. (2014). A Comparison of Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Power Cycle Configurations with an Emphasis on CSP Applications. Energy Procedia Vol 49 Pages 1187-1196. The Supercritical Carbon Dioxide (sCO 2) configuration is available as a power cycle option for SAM's molten salt power tower model.

Thermal Energy Storage

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CSP Modeling Approach

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Solar Industrial Process Heat

Kurup, P.; Turchi, C.; (2015).Initial Investigation into the Potential of CSP Industrial Process Heat for the Southwest United States. 78 pp.NREL/TP-6A20-64709. ( PDF 5.3 MB)