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15 Apr 2024 18:25 - 17 Apr 2024 19:50 #13084 by andimhome
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Hi! I am currently trying to load in weather data for Raleigh NC. I am using the weather file provided by the NSRDB: National Solar Radiation Database. My code to load in the weather file is identical to the code provided in one of the PySAM workshops, however, it keeps giving me a value error when I load in the file stating `Time Zone` field not found in solar resource file. However, when I open the weather data CSV there is a time zone field. Here is the code I have right now. Any help would be much appreciated!
I specified the weather_folder as the way to get to the proper directory

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17 Apr 2024 19:56 #13097 by pgilman
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Hi Sanjana,

Some of the weather files from the newer NSRDB endpoints have no value for the "Time Zone" field, and instead use the "Local Time Zone" field.

If this is the problem you are having, one way to fix it would be to modify your script to edit the CSV file after downloading it to copy the value from "Local Time Zone" to "Time Zone".

We have modifed the weather file reader to handle this situation. This update should be part of PySAM 5.1.0.

Best regards,

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