BatteryStateful discharge, min SOC and losses?

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15 Nov 2023 19:11 #12653 by pontus.netzell
BatteryStateful discharge, min SOC and losses? was created by pontus.netzell
When using the BatteryStateful model I see some major difference appearing between my "inputted power" and the "actual power" when reaching the minimum SOC. This is not happening when reaching maximum SOC.

I produce a 3-year "optimal plan" and input this hourly plan as input_power to the BatteryStateful, control_mode = 1. For most of the hours there is no significant difference [shown in column F] between my input_power and the battery.StatePack.P. However, when reaching minimum SOC (does not matter if I set 10%, 20%, 30 %) there is a large difference. It is like there has been some accumulation of losses or something that is released just as we reach minimum SOC. It looks like approaching and only getting close to minimum SOC does not give the same consequence [in row 59 and 64 we come down to SOC very close to minimum SOC, but the difference in column F is small]. Please see attached table for the referenced data3.

Thankful for your support.


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