Converting nestle tuple 0 into row in matrix

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10 Jul 2023 06:55 #12298 by martinho
Hello everyone, 
I'm trying to make a code to simulate wind turbine with PySAM, but I have a problem, I can't execute the code. 

Here is the code that i've made : 

import PySAM.Windpower as wp
import csv

# Create a Windpower object
wind_turbine = wp.default("WindPowerSingleOwner")

# Set the turbine parameters
wind_turbine.system_capacity = 200  # Turbine capacity in kW
wind_turbine.max_cp = 0.45  # Maximum power coefficient
wind_turbine.max_tip_speed = 80  # Maximum tip speed in m/s
wind_turbine.cut_in_speed = 3  # Cut-in wind speed in m/s
wind_turbine.cut_out_speed = 25  # Cut-out wind speed in m/s

def csv_to_dict(file_path):
    result_dict = {}
    with open(file_path, 'r') as csvfile:
        reader = csv.DictReader(csvfile)
        for row in reader:
            val = float(row)
                perc = float(row)
            except ValueError:
                perc = None
                sel_perc = float(row)
            except ValueError:
                sel_perc = None
            result_dict[val] = (perc, sel_perc)
    return result_dict

# Provide the file path to your CSV file
csv_file_path = 'C:/Users/arthu/OneDrive/Documents/INTERNSHIP/SAM/05-07-2023/windSpeed.csv'

# Convert the CSV file to a dictionary
data_dict = csv_to_dict(csv_file_path)

# Print the values of data_dict
for key, value in data_dict.items():
    print(f"Key: {key}, Value: {value}")

# Construct the wind resource data dictionary
wind_resource_data = {
    'fields': ,
    'heights': [0],
    'val': [key for key in data_dict.keys()],
    'perc': [data_dict[key][0] for key in data_dict.keys() if data_dict[key][0] is not None],
    'sel_perc': [data_dict[key][1] for key in data_dict.keys() if data_dict[key][1] is not None]

# Print the wind resource data dictionary
print("Wind Resource Data:")

# Set the wind resource data
wind_turbine.Resource.wind_resource_data = wind_resource_data

# Run the simulation

# Access the wind turbine outputs
annual_energy = wind_turbine.Outputs.annual_energy

# Print the annual energy production
print("Annual Energy Production:", annual_energy, "kWh")

When I execute this program, it display the error message : Cell In[39], line 55
52 print(wind_resource_data)
54 # Set the wind resource data
---> 55 wind_turbine.Resource.wind_resource_data = wind_resource_data
57 # Run the simulation
58 wind_turbine.execute()

Exception: Error (-4) converting nested tuple 0 into row in matrix.

I don't know what this error message means
I've tried several solution like change the file path but it's not working.
I have attached the CSV file.
I will be very glad if someone could help me


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  • pgilman
12 Jul 2023 16:26 #12315 by pgilman
Replied by pgilman on topic Converting nestle tuple 0 into row in matrix
Hi Martineau,

I was not able to test your script because of a syntax error in the construction of 'wind_resource_data'.

Best regards,

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