Simulation & 8760 output Issues

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26 Jun 2023 15:55 - 30 Jun 2023 14:56 #12249 by emmillinnee
Simulation & 8760 output Issues was created by emmillinnee
I'm wanting to read in project details of a bunch of solar farms from a list in an excel file, download weather files for them, then simulate each one, then save the 8760 results in an excel file. 

I've got everything working except for the simulate and save portion of this task. I'm having issues getting the simulate(); function to work in my script (attached). I can see in SAM when I run the script that the weather file is being chosen, that the system size, module type, dc to ac ratio, etc., are all being updated correctly. The output bar shows that the simulation(); part of the script is running. And a .csv file is being saved in the spot I'm telling it to save the 8760 data, but for some reason, it doesn't look like anything was simulated in SAM and there is nothing in the results file. 


I thought the 'energy_hourly_kW' variable is where the hourly data is stored after a simulation. Should hourly_data be an array that is assigned each value in a for loop or something? Right now the only output I'm getting is the attached .csv file. 

Any help would be appreciated! I tried searching for a similar topic, but nothing came up. 

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30 Jun 2023 15:06 #12267 by pgilman
Replied by pgilman on topic Simulation & 8760 output Issues
Hi Emily,

Please try using the 'gen' output variable instead of 'energy_output_kW'. If you continue to have trouble and would like more help troubleshooting, please attach a copy of the test.csv file and the SAM file you are running this script from.

Best regards,

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