Error C2039 in Release and Debug of the project (downloading SAM open source)

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22 Nov 2022 15:41 - 28 Nov 2022 18:35 #11716 by IDP
I am following the installation steps for windows as detailed on github for building SAM. The installation works until building SAMOS from the system_advisor_model.sln. During building quite a lot of errors of type C2039 pop up regarding not finding members of classes. 
Some examples: 
'resize_preserve': is not a member of 'util::matrix_t<double>' 
'exec_error': is not a member of 'compute_module' 
All errors seem to stem from the ssc files. I can't pinpoint a solution however. I would be thankful for any suggestions.
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28 Nov 2022 18:42 #11729 by pgilman
Hi Jan,

Please double-check that you set the environment variables correctly. If those are correct, please either attach a screenshot of the errors you are seeing (copying and pasting images into the editor does not work) into a reply, or copy examples of the actual error text and paste them into a reply.

Also please let us know what operating system you are using, and if Windows, what version of Visual Studio.

Best regards,

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