NPV Values between Financial Models in PySAM

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29 May 2022 06:35 #11011 by brandons209
Hello, I am currently using PySAM with different financial models for the Detailed PV Model system.

When running simulations in the SAM GUI, I would get the NPV value for the simulation for any financial model I would want to use. In PySAM however, this is not the case for every financial model.

For the Cashloan, Thirdpartyownership, and HostDeveloper modules, they have output variable called "npv" which has this value. However, most other models like Merchantplant, Singleowner, etc, do not have this variable and instead of have multiple npv variables for different calculations of the npv. 

For consistency, I am trying to figure out the equivalent variable for the "npv" variable in Cashloan, Thirdpartyownership, and HostDeveloper modules to the other modules which do not have this variable: Singleowner, Merchantplant, Levpartflip, Equpartflip, and Saleleaseback. 

I am not too familiar with the npv calculations so any help is appreciated. Thank you!

For reference, this is relation to a program myself and my team built for doing detailed simulations using SAM:

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02 Jun 2022 01:19 - 02 Jun 2022 01:20 #11039 by pgilman
Replied by pgilman on topic NPV Values between Financial Models in PySAM
Hi Brandon,

Here is a list of the NPV variable names for the different financial models.

Single Owner, Merchant Plant, Leveraged Partnership Flip, All Equity Partnership Flip, and Host Developer, report NPV from the project perspective:

For the two partnership flip models, there is is also a separate NPV for each of the partners. The Sale Leaseback model reports the partner NPV values, but not a project NPV:

For the Residential, Commercial, and Third Party models, the NPV is:

I used the LK script editor's variable browser to find these variable names. To use it, start SAM, and on the File menu, choose New script, and then click Variables in the menu bar at the top of the editor. You can then choose a configuration from the list at the top of the variable browser and filter the list for a variable name like "npv":

Attachment lk-variable-browser.png not found

Best regards,
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02 Jun 2022 19:35 #11055 by brandons209
Replied by brandons209 on topic NPV Values between Financial Models in PySAM
Thank you. I was able to find these variable names before making the post but I was unsure whether these would be equivalent. In my program I report NPV so I want to make sure the value represented is consistent no matter the financial model used. I appreciate the clarification! 

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