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Paul Gilman
SAM Round Table

The SAM Round Table is a series of online meetings with the SAM development team. The meetings are every other Thursday at 2:30 p.m. U.S. Mountain. Each session lasts up to 30 minutes, and provides an opportunity for you to ask us questions, make suggestions, get help using SAM, and share information with other SAM users. To participate, please register for a session using the following link. Registration is free, and requires a computer with an internet connection (audio is available by phone or VOIP):


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Generic storage for Wind farm

Hi dear developers of SAM,

I'd like to simulate the impact of a storage technology on the output (financial & power) of a wind farm. However, I haven't found if it was possible to add storage to a wind project. I found this option in PV project but here, it was specifically for inverters.

Have I missed something, or do you think it's even possible ?


Fabien Chaufournier

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Battery Storage on AC vs. DC bus

Hi everyone,

This may be obvious to some, but why is the battery storage model on the AC bus only? In practice is this how systems are designed? It would seem to me that placing the battery on the DC bus would negate the additional DC-AC, AC-DC, and then back DC-AC efficiency losses created by placing the battery on the AC bus as opposed to the DC bus.

If in practice the battery is on the DC bus would that be a feature that could be added back to SAM? I read elsewhere that SAM used to have it.


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SAM Interpolation Function

Does SAM come with any predefined interpolation function? I was just wondering if there is, because the simulations I'd like to do will warrant some interpolations. Thanks.

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Bug in Mac version?

In working with some students using SAM (version 2016.3.14), we discovered that one student who used the Mac version received different results from the rest of us. In particular, it seemed as if the shading calculations resulted in significantly lower output for the student using the Mac version, with the same input values. Is this a known issue?

I can provide more information, including the SAM files we observed this with upon request.

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Feature request: kVA demand processing


Feature request: kVA demand processing
Hi can the upload of kVA data along with kWh for the load profile and related post processing be considered?

Demand charging based upon kVA rather than kWs/kWhs is becoming the norm for my market in Australia. As the application of unity Power factor solar systems impact kVA less than kWh, yet another anti solar push :-(

Thanks for a great product


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Diffuse Shade Loss Parameter for SDK


I can see that a new diffuse shade loss factor has been added to the SDK. This number just seems to be a percentage input. How can this actually be calculated in the SDK based on the project and selecting subarray1_shade_mode=0 or is this not possible? Do we need to have a 3D shade model to be able to calculate this, or the hourly shading losses from the actual SAM program? If that is the case, it seems like the diffuse shade loss in the SDK will not be very useful, since we cannot generate hourly shading losses on the fly.

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William Rodriguez
Modeling Gas Turbine Pant with Particle Solar Receiver

Using SAM,
Can I model a gas turbine plant including a solar central receiver, wherein the solar central receiver further heats up the compressed air discharged from the compressor before being used in the combustor of the gas turbine plant?
Basically, what I want to model is the Sun Shot Project “a small particle solar receiver for high temperature Brayton Power Cycles”

Any help/ideas will be highly appreciated. Thank you.

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PV Array 4 Season Tilt Adjust

Just thinking since we're installing a fixed tilt system it would be nice to be able to model various tilt positions either quarterly or even monthly. I realize this probably overly complicates the model. There may be a way to do it now but I havent figured it out yet.

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Problems with key

Hey I have some trouble with the registration key... I got the key but i can't open the program after?? could someone help me

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