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02 Jul 2022 21:32 #11218 by Maria
Default configuration Pvwattsv7 was created by Maria
Good afternoon to all the group,
I have an old code in Pysam with Pvwattsv7, with a default configuration. However, now it doesn't work. I have noticed that there is now a Pvwattsv8 with which it works correctly. However, I am wondering if the old versions will not work anymore or is it possible to implement them? The information for version 7 says that the default setting is None, what does this mean?
Thanks in advance,
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06 Jul 2022 16:18 #11227 by Paul Gilman
Replied by Paul Gilman on topic Default configuration Pvwattsv7
Hi Maria,

The default configurations available for PySAM 3.0.1 use pvwattsv8 instead of pvwattsv7. This is why the "use default attributes" list for pvwattsv7 is set to "None." This means that if you try to use the default() method with pvwattsv7, PySAM will generate the "Exception: Default configuration by that name was not found" error.

We recommend using pvwattsv8. If you want to continue using pvwattsv7, you could either use an earlier version of PySAM , or set the values of the pvwattsv7 inputs explicitly. You can find a list of pvwattsv7 inputs in the module documentation .

Best regards,

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