SAM Downloads

The current version of SAM is SAM 2023.12.17 Revision 1, SSC 290. Use the Download buttons below to download the current version for Windows, Mac, or Linux.

SAM Logo

When you first run SAM, you will need to register SAM: Type your email address and, if you are new to SAM, click Register to receive a free software key, or paste your existing key and click Confirm to confirm your existing key. (If you lost your key, either copy it from the Registration page of an older version of SAM, or click Confirm without typing a key to have it automatically emailed to you.)

If you have an older version of SAM on your computer, when you install the new version, it will install side-by-side with older verions(s). Different versions of SAM are independent of each other, so you can install and run different versions simultaneously for comparisons. You can remove (uninstall) older versions of SAM when you are finished using them.

If you need to download an older version of SAM, use the list list at left to find the version you need.

DView is SAM's data viewer that displays hourly and subhourly time series data in graphs and tables. Legacy versions of DView as a standalone application are available from the BEopt website.

SAM 2023.12.17 for Windows


Download (exe, 62.96 MB)


SAM 2023.12.17 requires Windows 11/10/8 (64-bit). Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any trouble installing SAM.

Windows Installation Instructions

  • Double click the .exe installation file and follow the instructions in the installation wizard. By default SAM will install in the c:/SAM/2023.12.17 folder.

SAM 2023.12.17 for Mac


Download (pkg, 166.64 MB)


SAM 2023.12.17 requires MacOS 12 Monterrey or later.

Mac Installation Instructions

  • Double-click the package (.pkg file) to run the installation program.

For some older versions of MacOS (OS X), a security feature called Gatekeeper may prevent you from starting SAM. For more on bypassing Gatekeeper, see this CNET article.

If SAM does not display correctly in macOS Dark Mode, close SAM, switch macOS to Light Mode, and then restart SAM.

SAM 2023.12.17 for Linux


Download (run, 99.27 MB)


In Linux, the .run file is a self-extracting archive. By default it installs in /home/SAM/ or /opt/SAM/.

Linux Installation Instructions

  1. After the download finishes, open a terminal window and go to the Download folder:
    cd [path/to/Downloads]
  2. Add execute permissions to the file:
    chmod u+x ./sam-linux-2023-12-17-r1.run
  3. Run the installer:
  4. When the installer finishes, to run SAM (note the path name does not include -r1):
    cd [path/to/SAM/2023.12.17]

If you are having problems after installing SAM with text being unreadable, try changing the text size to normal in the operating system's accessibility settings, or changing the text scaling in the display settings.