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Day/Hour Angle Calculation?

Hi there! I am using the DISC excel file from to estimate my DNI using GHI. I am trying to understand the model and is unsure of how the day angle and hour angle are being derived. Can someone enlighten me on this?


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thilina fdo
Collector heat removal factor

What is collector heat removal factor?
And does the SAM parabolic trough physical model has this factor?

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Reserve Capacity - Ongoing

Hi SAM team / users - I'm looking to see how to incorporate Reserve Capacity revenue into the model.

In Western Australia, generators are paid an annual rate for having a certain quantity (MW) of power available for reserve capacity. This payment is an annual amount based on the nameplate and capacity factor of the generator - e.g. a 20% CF 10MW solar farm would have a 2MW reserve capacity amount, which has a certain revenue attache to it (for example, $1m/MW, so $2m/yr). What is the best way to incorporate this type of revenue stream into SAM?

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Project with imported profiles

Is it possible to create a project with all profiles imported?

For school we need to simulate PV-installation with battery for a residential building connected to grid.
Is it possible to import different profiles for all these types?
*Battery profile (when load and unload)
*Profile for PV installation
*Profile for the residential home/load profile
*A financial profile for the grid, so you can simulate that the battery can charge at nighttime when the energy price is low.

Thank you kindly

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gholamrezaimn's picture
SAM CSP Linear Fresnel Optical Efficiency Weather Data

Dear Paul

I was wondering if SAM calculates the optical efficiency table automatically for CSP Linear Fresnel Molten Salt
using the weather data uploaded? If it does not do that, how can I do that manually and is there any limit for dimension of the
Optical efficiency matrix?

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Negative NPV in PPA


I'm new to SAM and third party Power Purchase Agreements for Solar PV.

Is there anything else than the first year PPA price which would change the NPV of a project to be negative? Currently my NPV is -$145,000 with $0.125/kWh. If I bring the 1st year PPA price to $0.06/kWh NPV is $32,311.

I'm also confused why there is no simple payback.

Please Help


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Customize Micro Inverter Specifications?


I'm using SAM to try and generate comparative annual production figures for a solar PV system. It will have LG 315 Watt modules and I'm wanting to evaluate the output with the M250 micro inverter (now out of production) and also with the AP Systems YC500i.

I'd like to be able to change some of the parameters for the micro inverters, eg/ Maximum AC Power on the "Inverter" page and I was wondering if there is any way to do this?


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How to factor in TOU rate plans when modeling a solar system?

I am in California where our utility company has us on a Time of Use (TOU) billing plan. During the day the we use the least amount of power and the power company will pay us $0.45 kWhr. In the evening and weekends when we are charged $0.12 kWhr is when we use the most electricity. This means for every Kwhr the power company purchase from us at $0.45 we can buy it back for $0.12. The software currently only models for yearly kwr offset and when it should be calculating the yearly financial offset of solar.

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Using15min interval data

Hi SAM, I am trying to use 15 minute interval data and have two questions on how to paste this data.
1. What is the format to import 15 minute interval?
2. Am I limited to using only 1 year? I currently have data from July 2012 to October 2015.
3. What is the correct format to copy this information (does it matter if I start with July or should it be January to January?)

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hourly sub-array output

Is it possible to get the hourly sub-array DC output? I am modelling a system with 3 sub-arrays; facing east, north (southern hemisphere) and west. I would like to optimise the sizing for each sub-array if possible, but can't find the hourly data. There is hourly current and voltage, so presumably it is calculated?

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