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SAM error message re # modules per string

I'm using the following system in CEC Performance Model with Module Database:

SunPower SPR-X22-370, Heat-transfer method, rack mount, module dimensions
SMA America SB6000TL-US (240V) inverter
No shading and no input losses.

In system design, when I enter 6 modules per string and 2 strings in subarray 1, nothing in other subarrays, it works fine and reports 9,102 kWh/yr.

But this is not the real design. When I try to enter it correctly as 12 modules per string and 1 string, it gives the following error message:

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Export CEC database from present SAM version

I use the CEC parameters for modules (a, IL, Io, Rs, Rsh) and inverters (PAC0, PDC0, etc.) frequently. These factors are no longer included in the CEC database released on their site (post 2015). But, I can get more recent ones from SAM. Thanks!

Right now, I know how to pull up an individual module's parameters. Is there a way to export the values for all modules / inverters in the latest SAM release? Or a quick way to copy an individual entry?

Thanks for any help / advice,


**** I found the libraries in the SAM / Libraries folder. Thanks.

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s_CO2 power cycle part load performance

Dear SAM developers,

I am trying to understand better the s_CO2 off-design performance model in SAM 2018.11.11. The specific questions are:

1. Is the off-design performance calculated based on the design point we specify?
If so, to specify a design point, the input parameters are : design point inlet and outlet HTF temperature, power cycle gross output, cycle thermal efficiency, ambient temperature, approach temperatures, compressor and turbine isentropic efficiencies. Is that correct?

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anti-reflective glass, low-light, & LID

In my experimental trials with SAM's CEC Performance Model with database (DB) and with user-entered specs (UES), I can't see where the model is taking account of anti-reflective glass, different responses to low-light, and LID (light-induced degradation.

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3D shading scene roof shape that is not a pyramid or hip roof

Is there a way to draw a non-pyramid roof shape in the 3D shading scene?

The only roof type I seem to be able to draw is hip roof (pyramid shaped):

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CSP Physical Trough Total loop conversion efficiency


Can I ask for the equation used in calculating the Receiver Heat Loss Efficiency which is used for the Total loop conversion efficiency calculations? Thank you very much

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Michael Starrett
Access to old support docs


I a saw a reference to some support docs here:

Those docs appear to be gone but when I found them on the Way Back Machine they look to answer the question I have but the images aren't saved:

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Extrapolating coefficients from other power classes

I'm currently using the IEC61853 Single Diode Model in SAM to simulate solar systems, and I'm using laboratory test data from different manufacturers to calculate the coefficients, e.g. C1, C2, C3, Diode factor, etc. Some of the manufacturers I'm working with haven't done the IEC 61853 multi-irradiance testing on every power class, so they'll give me results for 320W panels when we'd also like to simulate 315W, and 325W panels from the same product line.

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SAM Incidence Angle Calculations

Good Afternoon,

I'm having trouble deciphering the single axis tracking code in SAM. Specifically what I'm trying to do is model the Utility PV plants in the Solar Integration Dataset. Here's the basic equation I'm using:

ARG = sin(zen) * cos(azm - sazm) * sin(tilt) + cos(zen) * cos(tilt)

if ARG = XYZ then

blah blah

end if

inc = acos(ARG)

This is a horizontal mount system with a north to south orientation. My assumption are:

sazm = azm
tilt = 0

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generating the Pmp, Vmp, Imp


Is there a way to generate the Pmp, Vmp, Imp ... directly from the CEC Modules.csv and not via SAM UX-> Generate Code?


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