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Battery Storage Discharge Issue


I am modeling Solar PV with Battery Storage using a manual dispatch for the Battery Storage. I've set the manual dispatch to discharge the battery during defined time periods during Weekdays. On weekends the battery does not discharge.

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Differences between SAM Sandia Performance Model and PVLIB

I am running a simulation of solar generation for every zip code in the U.S. using SAM and its LK scripting interface. I am also performing the same simulation with Sandia's PVLIB ( model. It is my understanding that SAM's Sandia PV Arary Performance Model should yield the same results as PVLIB if the weather inputs are the same. However, I have tested this using TMY3 weather files, and the AC generation output is different, even with the exact same parameter settings.

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Sophia Huang
Electric Load Format

Hi Everyone,

As soon as I was in the final step to create and upload load data, I realized that somehow it's not taking my hourly data. A message popped up saying that data file does not contain 8760 value lines, only 0 found. Perhaps SAM will only analyze the data in certain format? What is it? Should I remove the header and adjust anything on my hourly data on excel spread sheet?

Thank you.

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Self-Shading options - Grayed Out

How do I adjust the parameters in "Array Dimensions for Self Shading and Snow Losses" area for a single-axis tracker. The values are not correct, but are un-editable.

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Optical efficiency

May I know what is the difference between Field optical efficiency and efficiency of each heliostat ?

For power tower.

Thank you.

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Modeling in SAM

Can We Model A Hybrid System Such as PV /WIND/Diesel GEN / Battery ?

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Rate structure


I am interested in knowing about the rate structure details in the SAM. In the electricity rate structure tab, it asks for annual escalation of electricity bill? Does it mean how much a consumer perceive that the future electricity prices will grow in the future?


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Electric load modelling

Hello SAM support team,

I am using building energy load profile estimator in Electric Load tab for modelling household load. I want to know the impact of different parameters like choices of appliances, temperature inputs, and occupancy schedule etc. on the final modelling results. If possible, could you kindly tell me relevant materials for this?

Many thanks

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Accuracy of PV and/or Wind modeling?

Hello Paul,
Can you give me an idea of the accuracy of the output of SAM?
Let me be more specific:
1. If I build a "PV power plant" at location "A".
2. I then do a SAM run of the precise same plant in location "B".
Taking ONLY the power generated, would the kWhrs/year be accurate within 1%, 2%, 5% or x?

I assume the variables are:
- The accuracy of the pyranometer used.
- The accuracy of the data notator whose records get loaded into the SAM weather file.
- The accuracy of the PV module insolation/power output curve.
- etc.

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Roof shade model shows two roof slopes

What do I do with the second roof slope? This is a home PV model. I have multiple slopes because it is a hip and valley roof, but it looks like I can only model one roof surface at a time.

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