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Timer For All Simulations With Its Help Manual

Dear SAM Users;

Do you have any tested timer for all simulations ("Parametric Simulations", "Stochastic Simulations", "P50/P90 Simulations")?

I would like to use a timer like the ones in the "Simulation" ("Total time", "SSC time") for other simulations. I have not worked on developing (scripting, coding, etc.) it yet.

If you have any timer that you have developed for all simulations or one of the others like "Parametric Simulations", can you please share it with some running examples or help manual files (help pdf files with screen views how to use it).

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Hourly Energy Only Accounts for 1 Axis of Dual Axis System?

Currently the annual energy calculation returned from getting the number of annual_energy works fine for a dual axis system. However, the hourly energy calculation only seems to account for 1 axis as the values returned are half of what is expected of a dual axis system.

Is this intended for the hourly energy calculation or is there a way to handle dual axis systems differently? (inherited this code base and am new to PV and SAM so not sure what the appropriate outcome is for this).



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Run SAM simulation from command line

I have a use case to run batch SAM simulations. To do this I have an external controller to change parameters that will either interface with the SAM scripts, or command line args.
I want to be able to run my simulation after I have generated the code from the SAM UI and interfaced the code with my parametric controller software. I have a few questions:

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Extrapolating coefficients from other power classes

I'm currently using the IEC61853 Single Diode Model in SAM to simulate solar systems, and I'm using laboratory test data from different manufacturers to calculate the coefficients, e.g. C1, C2, C3, Diode factor, etc. Some of the manufacturers I'm working with haven't done the IEC 61853 multi-irradiance testing on every power class, so they'll give me results for 320W panels when we'd also like to simulate 315W, and 325W panels from the same product line.

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Calculating Far Shading in SAM


My colleague and I would like to expose the far/horizon shading functionality in SAM and had some questions about the best way to go about it.

In my understanding, the shading calculation has two inputs - a shade table of 8760 values that describes when the beam irradiance is being shaded by the horizon for each hour of the year and by how much in that hour, and a factor that describes how much of the diffuse irradiance is shaded by the horizon.

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P90 sim using SSC/SDK

Need to run P90 simulations using a script. However, can't find a module in ssc.dll which will perform P90 simulations.
Have i missed something or is there a work around?


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The SDK tool for Mac OSX has not been updated to reflect ssc capabilities

I've used the SDK tool in Windows and it reflects changes that went into the latest version of the ssc (e.g. the definition of subarray_x_poa_eff is the poa after IAM effects). However, I just downloaded the SDKtool for Mac and it looks unchanged from the previous version (e.g. subarray_x_poa_eff is the poa after shading and soiling). Any idea when this can be fixed?

I am happy to post this on the github page as well if that would be helpful

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How can I get hourly data using "data_get_array" command in MATLAB?


I was about to run several thousands of simulations on concentrated solar power (CSP) by using SSC in MATLAB. Although I was able to retrieve annual data from the Data Container with "data_get_number" command, I couldn't retrieve any hourly data with "data_get_array" command. Yes, I could get the hourly data from SAM, but I don't want to do that as I'm about to run a huge number of simulations and need to reprocess data with MATLAB. Is it because the names of the hourly variables in the Data Container are different from the ones in SAM?

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Cell temperature model SDK


I'm trying to estimate the annual energy output of a PV system using SAM (detailed and no finantial model) and in the modelling part I wanted to change the way the cell temperature is calculated. I believe SAM uses the NOCT model on section 10.6 of the Technical Reference, or am I wrong?

However I wanted to calculate this cell temperature using correlations I found in the literature. Since I don't have much experience in programing I'm having difficulty working this around. I've thought on two alternatives and I wanted your take on them, if possible:

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I have been trying to setup Python for building my own needs around the SAM ssc and sdk. I am following instructions that are provided here ( I have been able to complete steps (1) through (5) and am running into issues on step (6). Additionally, one deviation I have from the instructions detailed here is the wxWidgets available is 3.1.3 and not 3.1.1 . Please provide guidance on how I can proceed .

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