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Values for "DC to AC ratio" and "Losses"

I need help with putting correct input values in SAM.

Question 1:
If my system has DC to AC derate factor of 85%, then what should I use for DC to AC ratio in SAM? Default value in SAM is 1.2 and it confuses me whether I have to put 1.15 or 0.85 or some other value.

Question 2:
If I knew my solar panel efficiency is 15%, how can I input that into the SAM model? Would I set total system losses to 85%? Or is there some other way to input this?

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SAM Open Source Compilation Problem

I'm having some trouble compiling the SAM open source SSC. I'm working with Visual Studio Community Edition 2017, updated to the latest version today, in Windows 10. I followed the instructions from the Wiki all along, successfully compiled wxWidgets, GoogleTest, lk, and wex. The SSC Solution compiles up through solarpilot. On solarpilot I get the following two compile errors:

Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State

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Running irradproc submodule with PySSC

I am attempting to use the irradproc module and the PySSC wrapper to calculate sun zenith angle. Here is my Python code:

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Getting a lot of HTTP 500 Errors when making API requests for CSV download

I am trying to gather weather data in zip code level. When I run my code, a lot of the requests result in HTTP 500 errors, but when I retry the request with the same parameters, it will usually succeeds the second time. What are the reasons that cause this? Thanks.

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PVWatts5 source code

Hi Paul,
Could you please point out the source location of PVWatts5 to me?
Thank you!

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Eliminate log output from SSC compute modules


I am working on wrapping pvsamv1 into a Matlab program, which I have successfully done. However, since I am using my own weather files and have estimated the DNI from the GHI using the DISC model, the module calculates negative DHI values for a few hours throughout the year and prints a log warning each time it does telling me that the DNI has been set to zero for this hour.

What is the simplest way that I can suppress these Log Warnings from appearing in my command window?


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LK and Python (availability of pre-made functions)

There are a number of useful pre-made functions in LK such as:
Is there a Python library extension or the like where these might be available for use within Python?


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About Python ssc.data_get_number() function

Hi everyone,
I am trying to get some values using ssc.data_get_number() function in Python. I can get values like
kwh_per_kw, and
but it didn't work for values like
annual_ac_inv_clip_loss_percent, etc.

We also have a LK code in which we can use get() function to get all of these values. I want to ask how we can get these values in Python.

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Make SSCAPIJNI.dylib file for Mac 10.12.6

I'm trying to generate the SSCAPIJNI.dylib file for Java, Mac OS Darwin 10.12.6 with sam-sdk-2016-3-14-r3, but I get the following errors:

$ make -f TestSSCAPI.make
TestSSCAPI.make:96: *** Please check the settings for your system. Your system may not be supported. Please contact System: Darwin 10.12.6. Stop.

If I change the if condition on line 43 to look for 10.12, I get the errors below. Are there any options to get this to work with 10.12.6?

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Excel VBA integration with SAM SSC.DLL

We're trying to integrate SAM's SSC.DLL within a VBA program in Excel (so we can invoke SAM from Excel).
However, we get the following error message:
Error 48: SSC.DLL file not found

Initially, we got the following error message but were able to fix it by copying the SSC.DLL to the windows\system32 directory:
Error 53: SSC.DLL file not found

Not sure what is going on?


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