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Unexpected losses in simulation


New to using SAM and am experiencing a "cover loss" when I run my initial simulation(see image).
I can find no information on a cover loss in SAM anywhere.

Just wonder what this loss is and where its coming from, also if possible can this loss be adjusted/reduced?


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Year 0 not included in cash flow spreadsheet

Why isn't year 0 included in the cash flow report? The graph that is on the summary page shows year 0 but it isn't included when you look at the cash flow spreadsheet. I need that data included on the spreadsheet before I export it to Excel.

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Report Template

Hi, what steps do I need to take to get a custom report template set up.


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Michael Bishop
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Hourly PV distribution at different tilts

I'm looking at SAM's Time Series report with DC Array Power hourly data selected. For south facing at any TMY2 location, I'd expect a broader bell curve for higher tilt, because a higher percentage of overall daily generation should be in the earlier morning and later afternoon. But I'm generally seeing little difference between the bell curves at 10° tilt and 40° tilt. For example, please see the attached screenshots for a random summer day. This is for the TMY2 location in Sacramento, CA at 180° azimuth. Thanks for your insights on this.

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Paul Gilman
Wrong Location in PDF Report

When I use "Use a specific weather file on disk" on the Location and Resource page to specify the weather file instead of choosing one from the Solar Resource library and then generate a PDF report, the report shows location data from the current selection in the solar resource library instead of from my weather file on disk.

You can solve this problem by adding your file to SAM's solar resource library, and then choosing it from the library instead of checking Use a specific weather file on disk. Here's how:

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Bulk CSV Exports

I have a mess of projects I'm modeling. I would like to export the summary, monthly, and annual data tables to csv for all the projects in bulk. All in one go instead of going from project to project and exporting each one by hand. Is it possible to script this in SAM? In case anyone's curious, I'm working up evaluations for several parcels of land in a small city. I want to get this all into something like R or Excel. I'm using R to make some prettier plots than SAM can do. Excel makes it easier to format tables for insertion into a written report.

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Possible Bug On System Advisor Model Report

Dear SAM users;
I have been working on a research study for a while.
I have already created some draft files Modeling SEGS by empirical model SAM 2016.3.14
I tried to create report on SAM by "Create report" "F6".
Please find the created report by SAM in the enclosed file.
The report generated the installed power as 30 kW "Parabolic Trough System 30 kW Nameplate No financial model".

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generate report in CSV format

Hi, I am trying to generate report of the simulation in another currency. Since there is no real option to change currency in SAM, I was wondering if the report can be exported to an Excel file or CSV file - any editable form really.

Just out of curiosity, is there is an LK script that creates the PDF report? Perhaps, I could directly modify that for my requirements.

Any other suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks

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Error Codes in PDF Report

I keep on getting error reports when creating a PDF report from my SAM file.

My current version is : Version 2016.3.14, 64 bit, updated to revision 1

The errors I am getting are in the financial side of the PDF:
[542]: reference to unassigned variable: nm
[541]: eval error in statement list
[422]: eval error in statement list
[327]: eval error in statement list
[1]: eval error in statement list

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Errors in financial side of SAM Report

Several of my students are getting errors in the Financial Model section of the SAM Report
[118]: reference to unassigned variable: str_ptc_es... (off screen)
[107]: error inside function call

I can track these down to a connection to financial incentives, but not a direct cause. In one case the students had incentivized the project to the point of creating a negative net capital cost. In another case, the incentive was large, but not enough to take the net capital cost negative. Can you point out the error source?

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