Data Table (SAM UX) and the SDK variables

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Data Table (SAM UX) and the SDK variables


what's the SDK's variable name for 'Array DC power'(hourly Data)?

Is there any table that's linked between the Data Table (SAM UX) and the SDK variables?


Paul Gilman


The SAM user interface (SAM) and simulation core (SSC) are separate collections of code. SAM's variables are different from SSC variables. When you run the SAM user interface, it sends SSC input data to SSC, and reads SSC output data.

Some of the SAM variables are the same as SSC variables, and some are different. This can make it difficult to identify SSC variable names.

Here are some tools you can use to identify the variables:

For SAM input variables, use SAM's inputs browser (File, Inputs browser) to list all SAM inputs in a given case showing both the SAM label and the SAM variable name for each variable. The SAM variable name often corresponds to the SSC variable name, but sometimes a SAM variable does not have an equivalent in SSC.

For SAM output variables, use the Parametrics outputs browser (Click Parametrics under the Simulate button, and then click Outputs at the top of the Parametrics page) to show a list of SAM output variable labels and names.

You can also use SAM's script editor to show a list of all input and output variables for all possible configurations: File, New script, and then click Variables at the top of the script editor window.

For SSC variables, use the SDKtool inputs browser as described on the SAM website SDK page at

For example, you can use the SAM outputs browser on the Parametrics page to find that name of the SSC variable for Array DC Power is dc_net.

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