How can I get hourly data using "data_get_array" command in MATLAB?

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How can I get hourly data using "data_get_array" command in MATLAB?


I was about to run several thousands of simulations on concentrated solar power (CSP) by using SSC in MATLAB. Although I was able to retrieve annual data from the Data Container with "data_get_number" command, I couldn't retrieve any hourly data with "data_get_array" command. Yes, I could get the hourly data from SAM, but I don't want to do that as I'm about to run a huge number of simulations and need to reprocess data with MATLAB. Is it because the names of the hourly variables in the Data Container are different from the ones in SAM?

I would really appreciate if anyone could provide a guide.

Thank you,

Paul Gilman

Dear Ablimit,

You should be able to get the hourly data. You can use the SDKtool to see a list of all input and output variables for the different compute modules. For most of the performance models in SAM, including the CSP models, the output variable gen is the hourly or subhourly electric power generated by the system.

For the tcstrough_physical module, the variables W_net and W_cycle_gross are the net and gross cycle output, respectively.

Best regards,

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