Can I modify a cell temperature model equation

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Can I modify a cell temperature model equation

Hello Paul,

I'm trying to use SAM to model a floating PV system and I wanted to change the equation SAM uses to calculate cell temperature. The equation found in the literature is rather simple and considers ambient temperature, irradiance and wind speed something between the lines of tcell = a*ambient temperature + b*irradiance + c*wind speed.

Is there a way to modify the way it is calculated to a user input equation?

Thanks for the support,


Paul Gilman

Dear Bruno,

It is not possible to modify the equation SAM's photovoltaic models calculate cell temperature. The different module models offer different cell temperature calculation options.

We are making some changes to the structure of the photovoltaic models that may make it possible to define a custom equation in the future, so I've added your request to a related one on the SAM GitHub Issues list:

Best regards,

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