Error downloading weather data

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Error downloading weather data


I installed SAM latest updated version and I'm not able to download any weather files, could you please help? The log files are attached.

Thank you,


Paul Gilman

Dear Bruno,

Some changes were recently made to the National Solar Radiation Database (NSRDB) application programming interface (API) that mean we need to update the code SAM uses to download NSRDB data. We will do that in the next update, which we plan to release later this month (January 2019).

For now, you can work around the issue as follows:

  1. On SAM's Location and Resource page, click Legacy data (advanced).
  2. Click Download and add to library.
  3. For Find location, type a location name, street address, or latitude/longitude pair.
  4. Click Find. A list of all available files for the location will appear.
  5. In the list of files, scroll to the section with "psmv3" in the file names, and select the "tmy" file. You can also select any other files you want to download. (Type "psm" in the filter box to jump to that section automatically.)
  6. Optional Step: By default SAM will download the file to your "SAM Downloaded Weather Files" folder. You can change the folder by clicking the elipses (...) button next to Choose download folder.
  7. Optional Step: If you are downloading more than one file, you can select one of the files to be the current file in your library after the download finishes.
  8. Click OK.
  9. When the download finishes, a Notice window with a zero will appear. Click OK to close the window.

Best regards,

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