New to SAM- simulation run caused several errors

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New to SAM- simulation run caused several errors

As a solar contractor I was asked to provide a financial analysis for a commercial solar project(without battery) in Pacific Gas & Electric territory. I was able to input the A10-TOU rate schedule and the 15 minute interval data from the utility. I'm getting several errors when i try to run a simulation. Not sure what this means- see attachement.

Thanks, RS

Paul Gilman

Dear RS,

That error means that the simulation time step is different from the load data time step. In order to use the 15-minute interval data you will also need to use 15-minute weather data.

You can use the "Solar Resource Interpolation" macro to convert your weather data's time step to match the load data time step. To find the macro, click Macros at the bottom left of SAM's main window, and then click "Solar Resource Interpolation" in the list of available macros and follow the macro's instructions.

Best regards,

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