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Cell temperature model SDK


I'm trying to estimate the annual energy output of a PV system using SAM (detailed and no finantial model) and in the modelling part I wanted to change the way the cell temperature is calculated. I believe SAM uses the NOCT model on section 10.6 of the Technical Reference, or am I wrong?

However I wanted to calculate this cell temperature using correlations I found in the literature. Since I don't have much experience in programing I'm having difficulty working this around. I've thought on two alternatives and I wanted your take on them, if possible:

1) In SDK, when looking on pvwattsv5 module I do see that "tcell" is an output variable. Is there a way to change this to an input variable in which I could insert the cell temperatures I calculated (in excel for example) as an array and run pvwattsv5 with these values?

2) When I analyze pvwattsv5 open source code I come across some lines that made me confused:
tccalc = new pvwatts_celltemp ( inoct+273.15, PVWATTS_HEIGHT, ts_hour );


pvt = (*tccalc)( poa, wspd_corr, tdry );

So to calculate cell temperature, first a module called pvwatts_celltemp is accessed and then once this is calculated; poa, wind speed and dry bulb temperature are considered as well. Would this pvwatts_celltemp be where I could make changes and include a correlation that I want? Where can I find this module?

Thanks for your last answer in my previous topic and I look forward your suggestions here!

Happy new years,


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