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system annual output


I am trying to model a system like that:
13 x LG LG320N1C-G4 LG
1 x Enphase S280
Shading: Low
Tilt: 20.0

I know from a previous installation that this system annual output should be ~9MWh
but when I modeled that system on SAM I got ~1MWh (the system file attached).

I would be grateful if you could explain what I have done wrong.


Paul Gilman

Dear Yoav,

To model a system with microinverters you should make the following changes to your file.

On the System Design page:

Modules per string = 1
Strings in parallel = 13
Number of inverters = 13

On the Losses page:

Module mismatch = 0

Best regards,

Best regards,

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