Problem installing revision 1 of SAM2018.11.11

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Problem installing revision 1 of SAM2018.11.11

Hello, after the revision 1 of SAM 2018.11.11 was launched, I tried to install it, but it still works with the same problems as before the revision, as if the program was not updated.
I have tried uninstalling the program, restarting the computer and erasing the temporary files, but none of this solves the problem. Even after reinstalling the program does not even ask me to register my user, it is already registered.
How can I solve this problem?
Thanks in advance.

Paul Gilman


Can you tell me what problems you were expecting to be fixed in SAM 2018.11.11 Revision 1?

Each time you install a version of SAM, when you start it, it should prompt you for an email address and registration key.

If you update an installed version of SAM to a new revision by running update from SAM, you will not need to re-register that version of SAM after updating it.

Best regards,

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