SDK's irrad_mode parameter not working

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SDK's irrad_mode parameter not working


My colleague and I have been using the SDK for the past two years to make energy output predictions for the solar company that we work at. In the past, (more than a year ago) we changed the irrad_mode parameter between 0, 1, and 2 with no problems. Now however, after downloading the most recent release, we find that our energy simulations only work when irrad_mode is set to 0, that is, only when DHI and DNI are input directly. Whenever we try to input GHI directly, our simulation fails.

We have checked that our TMY data (from SolarAnywhere 3.2) contains GHI, and are confident that our program is reading in this data correctly because we are able to calculate POA before an error is thrown. We also manually checked that the 'gh' item is in the weather container and contains data.

We think the trouble occurs when we run our shading model because when we try to fetch poa_shaded_soiled, an empty array is returned.

Finally, we see no obvious reason why this would be related to the issue at hand, but we did just implement the Mermoud-Lejeune module model.

Thank You!

Paul Gilman

Hi Joe,

Does your weather data contain either DNI or DHI in addition to GHI? The irradproc module requires two solar irradiance components to calculate the POA irradiance.

Best regards,

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