Weather files for Australia gone

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Weather files for Australia gone

I have just upgraded System Advisor Model to the latest 2018 version and I am no longer able to access any Australian weather data.

This is an incredible shame and has rendered SAM useless to me. Given I can go online to PVWatts and simulate PV generation for a significant number of locations in Australia, the inability to do this in SAM is mindblowing. I guess I could pay the $250 to purchase the ASHRAE files, but maybe i'll just have to invest in a more functional tool.

Please advise if I'm missing something here - I really hope this to be the case.

Paul Gilman

Dear Trent,

You can download the latest EnergyPlus weather files in EPW format from the EnergyPlus website:

Once you download the files you need, use the "Add/remove weather file folders" button on SAM's Location and Resource page to add the files to SAM's solar resource library.

Best regards,

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