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Weather file SAM 2018 - Europe


I am trying to simulate the solar energy production of a building in Malmö, Sweden with SAM 2018.11.11
I have downloaded the epw weather file from
When I try to simulate I get the following error: the following weather files in the solar resource library appear to have problems.

Could you help me? It is important for me to understand how to download weather files from European cities.

Paul Gilman

Dear Manuela,

SAM 2018.11.11 expects weather files in the EPW format to have a blank line at the end of the file. The PVGIS V5 EPW files do not have such a blank line.

We will fix this issue in the next software update. In the meantime you can solve the problem by using a text editor to open the EPW file and adding a blank line (press the Enter key at the end of the very last line in the file).

Best regards,

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