BUILD SAM ON MAC | fatal error while building ssc

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BUILD SAM ON MAC | fatal error while building ssc

you find the question in the document attached.
Looking forward to hearing from you!



Adriano, Based on the document you sent, we need a few clarifying details and some checks performed by you as follows:
1. Did you build wxWidgets using ?
2. Did you create the wx-config-3 symbolic link and test per ?
3. You should not have to be in the build-cocoa-debug folder to configure wxWidgets – only the wxWidgets path that has the configure bash script.
4. Based on the errors reported, the symbolic link is not set and the configure for wxWidgets may not be correct.

To test
1. Open a terminal
2. Type “wx-config-3 –flags”
3. Check results with
4. make the sandbox app in wex since wex was reported as building without error…
From wex/build_osx,
a. type “make -f Makefile-sandbox”
b. “open” to test

Please let us know the results you get so we can be of further assistance.


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