Results not in the summary when exchanging with Python

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Results not in the summary when exchanging with Python

I'm wondering if there is any way to get the results that are not included in the summary table when we exchange SAM in Python. I exported the simulation model to python and it runs and just gives me the summary results. For instance, I'm looking for the demand peak with and without system which is not included in the summary table. In the SAM interface, I can find that under the monthly data, however, when using python, searching for term demand peak nothing comes up.
I'm also wondering how can I run the SAM in automated form for several iterations by considering different locations for the similar type of PV system. Please advice.


Paul Gilman

Dear Amir,

The variables in the Python script or any other language that SAM exports are just a subset of the available variables for each compute module the script makes calls to.

To explore the compute modules and their input and output variables, you can either use the functions described in the SSC Guide, or use the SDKtool program, which is also described in the SDK Guide.

Best regards,

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