Electricity Bill with system not adding up

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Electricity Bill with system not adding up


When I get modeling results for my electric bill with system, it is higher than the sum of the demand charge with system (flat), energy charge with system, and fixed monthly charge with system. How can this be? I could see it being lower due to net metering credits, but am not sure what could cause it to be higher.

Second, what is the difference between demand charge with system (flat) and demand charge with system (TOU)?

Thanks for your help! I have attached a screenshot of my results if that helps.

Paul Gilman


Does your rate structure include both flat and TOU demand charges? If so, SAM includes both in the bill calculation.

On the Electricity Rates input page, you'll see two tables for entering demand charge data. The "flat" charge is the total charge from the rates defined under "Demand Rates by Month with Optional Tiers." The "TOU" charges is from the "Demand Rates by Time-of-use Period and/or Tiers" rate table.

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