SAM TES dispatch w/solar

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SAM TES dispatch w/solar

Good day Paul

I trust all is well. I had a pleasant time with Craig and Mark at SolarPaces. You weren't there were you?

My problem relates to the TES dispatch. I have operational data for a plant in South Africa. I am trying to model the plant and compare SAM results to measured results. One major problem is that even though I set the "Storage dispatch w/solar"=1, it is still dispatching TES during drops in DNI even though it shouldn't. See attached results. The actual plant does not dispatch TES during cloud-related drops in DNI, according to them they want to limit the change-over from the solar field to the TES to once a day to limit the stress on the system.
As you can see, the TES is full at 18000m3, yet it is being dispatched at question mark 3. The profile I have for this day follows that of the hand-drawn red line near question mark 2. Anything below the red line at question mark 1, as you would know, indicates that TES is being sent to the Power Block. According to a document of yours I found on this topic, it is made clear that TES will not be dispatched when the settings are as shown in the attached TES page screenshot.

Can you possibly help on the matter?


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