Integrated solar combined cycle using Aspen tech. with SAM

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Omar Khaled
Integrated solar combined cycle using Aspen tech. with SAM

Hello ..

It's my first time to use System Advisor Model (SAM) and i choose it in my graduation project: Simulation and optimization of an Integrated Solar Combined Cycle (ISCC) using Parabolic Through and Solar Tower and comparing between them. But beside SAM, i'm using Aspen Tech (Aspen HYSYS and Aspen Plus) to simulate the combined cycle part. So i'm asking if:

Firstly, Can i integrate the two programs (SAM and Aspen Plus) together to simulate the combined part using Aspen Plus with the solar part (SAM) to form the ISCC and simulate the whole cycle? .. If it's possible, how can i do that? or how can i form a one block from SAM with many inputs and outputs stream and insert the block into Aspen Plus?

Secondly, Are there any loaded samples or examples or tutorials on the Parabolic Through collectors and Solar tower can i find to learn how to use it on SAM?


Paul Gilman

Dear Omar,

SAM's ISCC model is for a power tower system only. There is not an ISCC trough model.

SAM's Physical Trough model has a "User Defined Power Cycle" option on the Power Cycle input page that allows you to model the power cycle using performance data from another model. That option is not available with the Tower ISCC model.

You can find links to webinar recordings on the Webinars page of this website. The webinar pages have links to supporting materials including presentation slides, and in some cases, sample SAM files:

Best regards,

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