Generate P90 "TMY" Files from Longterm Timeseries Data

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Generate P90 "TMY" Files from Longterm Timeseries Data


Does SAM have the ability to generate TMY files to a set confidence interval? I suppose these wouldn't be typical (P50) anymore, but the point is to represent with a single 8760 hourly file the solar + weather resource to a particular level. It would have all of the same compromises and utility as a standard TMY file.

I understand the purpose and methodology behind the empirical distributions for energy production using the longterm time series. This is a different product. I've noted that SolarGIS has this available for purchase. For reference, they discuss some of the considerations here:

I have access to longterm timeseries and I would like to generate these myself from that data. Any thoughts, methods, or packages on GitHub that someone could point me to? Or, is there source code available that generates the regular TMY files that can be modified?

- Stephen

Paul Gilman

Dear Stephen,

SAM does not have the ability to generate a typical meteorological year (TMY) file from a series of historical weather files. We rely on data providers like the NREL National Solar Radiation Database (NSRDB), PVGIS, and others to create TMY files.

There are published articles describing various methods used to generate TMY files, but I am not aware of ready-made tools for doing so.

Best regards,

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