Number of heliostat field in solar tower

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Number of heliostat field in solar tower

Hi Paul, I hope you are doing well.
Thank you very much for your support and for spending time to answer to members' questions.
I'm trying to simulate a solar tower power plant with different sizes. My issue is that even I try to change the plant design including design turbine gross output and/or solar multiple, but the number of heliostats in the solar field or even the reflective area don't change, both in version 2014.1.14 and 2017.9.5. Is there any option to fix this issue without passing through the optimization?
Thanks in advance.

Paul Gilman


The purpose of the optimization is to recalculate the number and positions of heliostats in the field based on the design parameters you provide. If you change the design parameters without generating a new layout and optimizing the field geometry, the number and location of heliostats will not change.

Note that you can also import a table of heliostat coordinates if you generate that data outside of SAM.

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