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Cooling tower water use results_reply

Hi Paul

Thanks for the support.

From the Equation 3.25 of the Physical Trough Reference Manual, could you please indicate which value is being reported in the time-series results of SAM as "Hourly Data: Cycle cooling water mass flow rate - makeup (kg/hr)",i.e. is it mdotwater or mdotcw?:
mdotevap = qdotrej/hevap
mdotdrift = fdrift mdotcw
mdotctbd = fctbd mdotcw
mdotwater = mdotevap +mdotdrift +mdotctbd

Furthermore, where in the code on github is mirror cleaning water consumption accounted for? If this is not reflected in the github code, does SAM account for this and where are the results accessible?

Thank you once again

Paul Gilman

Please see my reply to this post:

Best regards,

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