Cooling tower water use results

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Cooling tower water use results

Good day SAM team

I am trying to wrap my head around the results relating to water use in SAM. The only result that can be viewed is "Hourly Data: Cycle cooling water mass flow rate - makeup". Please clarify whether this parameter is only the flow rate through the cooling tower, or in fact the WATER USE of the plant, I.E. cooling tower water use, as stated on page 71 in the technical document available at: Since the cooling water circulation rate through the tower is not explicitly the water use, or consumption rate, it rather distorts any possible reporting on plant consumption. If I am committing any general ignorance, please feel free to correct me.

Many thanks for your time and continued hard work!

Paul Gilman

Dear Frank,

Yes, the "Cycle cooling water mass flow rate - makeup" variable is equivalent to the water mass flow rate shown in Equation 3.25 of the Physical Trough Reference Manual. The equation is online 1402 of the source code:

Best regards,

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