How could I look at python codes for wind_obos module?

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How could I look at python codes for wind_obos module?


I simulated a model for offshore wind farm in SAM and generated a Python codes.
While I am reviewing the codes and trying some modification for iterative simulations, I cannot see how wind_obos module works from the generated code, for example, setting input variables for wind_obos (offshore balance of system model), executing wind_obos module, and retrieving the output etc.

Does anybody know how to work on this?

Best regards,

Paul Gilman

Dear Seyong,

The Wind Offshore Balance of System (OBOS) cost model is implemented as part of the SAM user interface, so it is not available via the SSC API. In other words, the OBOS model inputs are not inputs to SSC, only to the SAM user interface.

If you are trying to automate simulations involving the OBOS, you might have better luck writing an LK script in the script editor that is part of the user interface, which allows you to interact with the user interface variables.

For more on working with LK in SAM, see this introduction:

Best regards,

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