What's the Installer margin and overhead

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What's the Installer margin and overhead

Hi, I'm a student at Duke University. I' m working on a solar PV project on campus. I have a question about Installer margin and overhead. I can't find the definition and reference about it. How can I assume it? I read your benchmark price report 2016 and 2017. Is it EPC Overhead or Developer Overhead?

Paul Gilman

Dear Henry,

The cost categories in SAM are general categories that you can use to organize your cost analysis in whatever way works best for your work. The "installer margin and overhead" category is part of the direct capital costs,
and might include either the EPC overhead cost or developer overhead cost.

The total installed cost is the value that gets passed to SAM's cash flow model, so you should make sure that its value is what you intend it to be.

Best regards,

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