Battery Storage Discharge Issue

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Battery Storage Discharge Issue


I am modeling Solar PV with Battery Storage using a manual dispatch for the Battery Storage. I've set the manual dispatch to discharge the battery during defined time periods during Weekdays. On weekends the battery does not discharge.

I've noticed there are several weekdays where the battery does not discharge during the defined time periods. I check the battery state of charge during these occurrences to find that the battery is fully charged yet for some reason is not discharging. This happens throughout the 8760. Some dates, for example, are January 5th and February 13th-15th.

I attached the SAM File and a screenshot of the Jan 5th example.

I am struggling to find a solution to fix the issue. Any help would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
John Kern

Paul Gilman

Dear John,

From my initial investigation, it looks like the load goes to almost zero Jan 4-6, and then again on March 3 and March 13-17. Do those periods coincide with the periods when the battery is not discharging?

Best regards,

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