How to build a dll with SDK and Visual Studio

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How to build a dll with SDK and Visual Studio


I am trying to understand how I can create a dll file (like ssc.dll in win32/win64 folder) with my settings or parameters to meet my needs.
I have downloaded the different folders named respectively : SAM-develop, sam-sdk-2017-9-5-r4, and ssc-develop.
I use Visual Studio 2013 for my projects.

- In a webinar from 2013 I remember that SDK does not allow you to modify a simulation module's source code. So my question is : how can I find the source code of ssc.dll to build it myself with VS 2013 ; this will allow me to make changes and I will be able to perform the simulations I want ?

- Is it possible with the cloud coverage (and other parameters) to assess the power that could be produced in the next days (forecasting) instead of using a Typical Meteorological Year (TMY) using and modifying the source code that you provide in my own software ?

Many thanks in advance for your assistance, and I am looking forward to hearing from you,

Paul Gilman

Dear Ludovic,

The source code for SAM is hosted on NREL's repository. Please see this page on the SAM website for an introduction to the Open Source repository and links to GitHub. See the GitHub wiki for build instructions:

Best regards,

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