Solar Power molten salts, fixed number of heliostats

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Solar Power molten salts, fixed number of heliostats


I'm student from Spain and I'm working on my degree final project.
I used SAM to simulate a certain CSP parabolic through plant and now I have to explore the feasibility of other CSP technologies based on data of the inicial plant.

What I need to do now is to compare the results (LCOE, anual production, capacity factor, etc...) obtained for a Power Tower molten salts plant, when the reflective area is constant and fixed, and equal to the one in the original csp through parabolic plant.

What I did was trying different solar multiples until one gave me the desire heliostate reflective area after pushing the optimizarion button. I also ran a parametric analysis with different solar multiples, and made sure the value I introduced minimized the LCOE. Up to this point I considered no TES and I did not permit more optimizations as that would have changed the number of heliostates which I need to keep constant.

My problem is, when running another parametric analysis considering 2 hours of TES (with no optimization), the solar multiple I assumed was valid from the first analysis gives me a LCOE which is lower than before. That makes me think I'm doing something wrong, as it makes no sense to me: the solar multiple that minimized the LCOE with no TES can't give me a lower LCOE if I implement TES, it should provide a greater value.

I'm a bit lost, as I can not figure out how to make a correct analysis with logical results, keeping the reflective area always constant.

assign a certain number of heliostats for the CSP Power Tower molten salts

Paul Gilman

Dear Raquel,

I am not sure what is causing this unexpected result.

One possibility is that the factors on the Time of Delivery Factors page are causing the unexpected results you are seeing. To model a project with a constant PPA price, be sure to choose the "Uniform Dispatch" schedule from the library, and set the value of the TOD factor for Period 1 to 1. Otherwise, the PPA price for power generated at night is different from the price during the day.

Best regards,

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