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Financial Model Documentation

Hi Paul

Are there updated Spreadsheets as tools to help you understand how SAM 2017.9.5 financial models calculate the different metrics on the Results? Current spreadsheets examples on SAM resources page seem to be out of alignment with the SAM 2017.9.5.

i.e -LCOE and NPV Calculations Using Excel Formulas
-Payback Period Calculation for Residential and Commercial
-Residential and Commercial Financial Models

I Know NREL does not provide user support for SAM Advanced IPP Financial Models (Single Owner, Partnership Flip, Leveraged Partnership Flip and Sale Leaseback Financial Models) but is there a current version covering SAM 2017.9.5?



Paul Gilman

Dear Wainaina,

Thank you for the message.

For SAM's Residential, Commercial, and Single Owner financial models, you can generate an Excel workbook that replicates SAM's financial model calculations by clicking the "Send to Excel with Equations" button on the Cash Flow tab of the Results page. (This feature is only available for Windows, not for Mac or Linux versions of SAM.)

Best regards,

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