matlab ssccall fail and python 3 example

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matlab ssccall fail and python 3 example

Hi Paul,

I am a new user of SAM SDK.

I first try to run the matlab example, but it fails to call the ssccall.m with an error "error: 'ssclib' undefined near line 23 column 21". Do you know how to solve the issue? Is this related to the C complier?

I also try to run the python example, but since I am using python 3, the syntax of the example doesn't match. Could I find an example written in python 3?


Paul Gilman

Dear Xinyue,

Please use SAM's code generator to create the MATLAB and Python code files instead of using the examples that come with the SDK. The code generator is up to date, and will generate code and supporting files for Python 2 and 3. It also ensures that you assign values to all of the required inputs.

You can find a quick video showing how to use the code generator under "How-to Videos" here:

There are also numerous discussions about Python, which you can find by searching the website for "Python":

Best regards,

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