Historical NSRDB zip files not downloading

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Historical NSRDB zip files not downloading

I'm trying to download yearly weather data from this link https://sam.nrel.gov/NSRDB but whenever I click on any of them it lands me back to the home page. Am I doing something wrong or are others facing the same issue?

Paul Gilman


That page is obsolete now because you can download historical data directly from the NSRDB website, and as of the latest update to SAM, directly from SAM. Historical data is available for the old MTS1 (TMY2) data, and for the latest PSM v3 data.

To download the historical data from the NSRDB, go to https://maps.nrel.gov/nsrdb-viewer, and use the map to find your location. On the Select and Query Data tab, check the boxes for MTS1 (TMY2), MTS2 or MTS3 (TMY3) to indicate the locations of files from those datasets. To download data, go to the Download Data tab, and choose NSRDB Data Download (Point) to download a file for a single point on the map, or choose NSRDB Data Download (Box) to select a rectangle and download files for all points in the rectangle. Then, fill out the form with your email address and you will receive an email with a link to the files you selected.

To download the files from SAM, create or open a case with one of the solar performance models (Detailed Photovoltaic, PVWatts, CSP Physical Trough, etc.), and go to the Location and Resource input page. To download historical data, click the TMY or Single-year for Americas and Asia button. Type a street address or latitude/longitude pair and click the Search button. From the list of files available for that location, choose the files with psmv3 in the name for the latest NSRDB data, or choose mts1, mts2, mts3 for legacy data. Then choose a folder to download the files to, and click OK to start the download. You can download either hourly (60 minute) or half-hourly (30 minute) data, and either typical meteorological year (TMY) or single-year data from each NSRDB dataset.

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