unable to access singlediodeparams or singlediode compute modules

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unable to access singlediodeparams or singlediode compute modules

I am using the python SDK to try and run the singlediode and singlediodeparams modules. Below is my code (note that as far a I can tell it is all properly indented but I couldn't figure out how to display it correctly in this post):

irr_value_goal = list(range(25,1025,25))
singlediodecurve25 = {'irr':irr_value_goal,'Imp':[],'Vmp':[],'I_sc':[],'V_oc':[],'Pmp':[],'All_V':[],'All_I':[]}
ssc = PySSC()
# ssc.module_exec_set_print(0)
#create the data container where everthing gets carried around
data1 = ssc.data_create()
ssc.data_set_number(data1, b'Il_ref', 1.8409)
ssc.data_set_number(data1, b'Io_ref', 2.48981e-13)
ssc.data_set_number(data1, b'Rs_ref', 4.96815)
ssc.data_set_number(data1, b'Rsh_ref', 833.884)
ssc.data_set_number(data1, b'T', 25)
ssc.data_set_number(data1, b'I', 1000)
module = ssc.module_create(b'singlediodeparams')
if ssc.module_exec(module, data1) == 0:
print('singlediodeparams simulation error')
idx = 1
msg = ssc.module_log(module, 0)
while (msg != None):
print(' : ' + msg.decode("utf - 8"))
msg = ssc.module_log(module, idx)
idx = idx + 1
SystemExit( "Simulation Error" )
a = ssc.data_get_number(data1, b'a')
il = ssc.data_get_number(data1, b'il')
io = ssc.data_get_number(data1, b'io')
rs = ssc.data_get_number(data1, b'rs')
rsh = ssc.data_get_number(data1, b'rsh')

The output is simply:

singlediodeparams simulation error

Based on the fact that no additional info is provided with the error (not the case for other compute modules), it seems to me that the singlediodeparams string is not being recognized by the module_create() method call. I have even checked the ssc source code to ensure that these compute modules aren't referred to by different names. I also confirmed that the irradproc module works fine with the same setup/environment. These single diode modules work fine using the SDKtool on my machine. I am running OSX on a Mac laptop.

This is likely just a stupid coding error but any help is greatly appreciated.

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