PV+Storage DC-Coupled Clipped Energy Charging

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PV+Storage DC-Coupled Clipped Energy Charging

Is there a way to model a PV+Battery DC-coupled system such that battery only charges from clipped PV energy? I'm trying to optimize for DC/AC ratio and battery size. Thank you!

Paul Gilman

By "clipped PV energy," I assume you mean energy that would have been generated if the inverter or other control hardware in the system had not limited the array output either to prevent the array output from exceeding the inverter's nameplate power rating or its input voltage limits.

There is not a setting to limit charging the battery only during times when the array output is limited. However, you could run a simulation with no battery to determine when the array output is limited by looking at the inverter power clipping loss and MPPT clipping loss variables in the results, and then use the manual dispatch option to design a dispatch strategy that would allow charging during those times. That would approximately dispatch the battery in the way you describe.

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