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SAM open source test

In the windows SAM build instruction (, step 6 suggest to "Start a new project" on SAM's welcome page. However, after I click the bottom, a window comes out saying "Updating solar resource library..." and after a few minutes, the program stops.
Does anyone know how to solve this problem? Thanks!

Paul Gilman


Please see my reply on GitHub.

Best regards,


Thanks Paul!


Hi Paul, thanks for the introduction. After I click "Start a new project" and choose a technology, the window of "Updating solar resource library..." pops up. And a few minutes later, I am able to get into the UI page but the entire UI becomes not responsive, and a window of "SAM.exe has stopped working" also pops up. I attached the screenshot on Github.
One more question. What I really want to do is to debug to view the code for the project. I would like to creat a project, input the variables and debug in Visual Studio to see how the model works. Could you tell me how to do it since I didn't see it in the instruction.

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