Converting Wind Toolkit Data to SRW

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Converting Wind Toolkit Data to SRW


I am trying to write a python script for wind, with a workflow similar to the solar example shown here:

The workflow would be:
1. Download resource data for a desired lat/lon, using the NREL API
2. Simulate power output for a desired turbine type using the SCCAPI module

However, I am having trouble with the wind data formats. The Techno-Economic WIND Toolkit API returns the data in a format that is not compatible with the SRW format. Since all the API returns is 100m wind speed, 100m wind direction, 2m air temperature, surface air pressure, and air density at hub height (100m?), it seems like I am missing data for the SRW format (temperature and pressure at 100m).
Does this mean I need to use the Gridded Atmospheric WIND Toolkit (using HSDS) instead or are there standard assumptions for converting to different heights?

Are there example scripts or packages on how to convert this data (gridded or techno-economic WIND Toolkit) into SRW data? It seems like the SAM desktop version does this automatically when you use the "Download a wind resource file from the online NREL WIND Toolkit" functionality.

Also, are there any SSCAPI example scripts for the wind module (similar to the solar example above)?

Thank you for your time!



I've used Python with the SSCAPI and can assist offline.

Kind regards


Paul Gilman

Dear Gerrit,

I uploaded a new sample LK script that shows how to use the WIND Toolkit API to download SRW files in the way the download button on SAM's Wind Resource input page does. It should be straightforward to convert that into Python or another language.

You can find it here under "LK Script Cookbook":

Best regards,

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