Recent articles or Case studies with current version of SAM file.

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Recent articles or Case studies with current version of SAM file.


I am working on a comparison between SAM and RETscreen software. In comparing the software for Exact energy production, I am looking for a most recent article or study from the current version of SAM which I can use it for my thesis. If you can help give some recent articles or case studies (2016 or 2017) for residential homes in USA. If is detailed in building the model that will be also really helpful.

Thank you
Shyam Busineni

Paul Gilman

Dear Shyam,

Please see the Case Studies and Validation page of the SAM website for papers on the subject:

These are based on older versions of SAM.

Best regards,

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Dear Shyam Busineni;
One of my research papers was published in 2017.
"SEGS VI & Topaz Solar Farm SAM Empirical Trough & PVWatts Models Case Studies & Validation", International Journal of Research In Advanced Engineering Technologies, 2017, Vol.1, No.1, 28-41, (
Hope it will be helpful.
We had organized a small research group and made plans for several research papers related with SAM.
If you want you can join us.
Have a nice day

Best Regards
Burak Omer Saracoglu, PhD, MSc, BSc.

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